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Getting interviewed is always a bit scary and I am still weird every time I do one. But talking with Selise was like talking to someone I had known for ages. Her friendly and professional approach made the whole “being interviewed” process all too easy. She asked me questions that I was excited to answer which I loved, I could tell she had really done her homework on me, which was pretty flattering and awesome haha.I guess what I am really trying to say is she is the best!! – Paul Voge, Marriage Celebrant

About the blog

Yo’ writing style always has me coming back. You’re to-the-point but still full of personality, which makes me think “I could probably hang out with this girl and have an awesome time.” Way to keep it real. – Claire

I love the fact that in every post you are true to yourself. – Magatha May

About my styling services

Em's Testimonial

She’s a natural, this girl. An eye for all the details that matter, and reassurance about the ones that don’t. When I say she’s a natural, I mean it; her natural state of being, her default setting, is figuring out what will work and what will look good. And she always, ALWAYS hits the mark.

Andrew Snook
Ronin Recording

Without Selise’s help, our film clip for “Rent” would not have got finished. When she arrived we were in quite a state and she took the reins and gave us direction in both design and fashion. The end result speaks for itself!


Selise McLaggan is the answer to clothing/style/image crisis. Flat out TRUE STORY!

Believe me, no matter what you think of your current self or your wardrobe, when it comes to style, this girl performs miracles and makes you feel damn good at the same time.

The girl has STYLE, CLASS and PIZAZZ all rolled into one and it shows in everything she wears (and everything she styles including houses, seriously you should SEE her home!) And it all comes naturally to her. Selise’s style is in a marinade all its own and she is a NATURAL.

She styles herself based on what she loves and feels good in, and then she twists it up into her own unique branding, whether it’s a fork carefully coiffed in her hair at the food and wine festival or transforming a poncho into a skirt. And when it comes to you, she styles you for YOU.

Listen, I was in a serious clothes funk. And I knew I needed help but I wasn’t looking forward to being told I needed to wear styles I didn’t like, in colours I didn’t like and I didn’t want to break the bank doing so either. Along (on good advice) came Selise McLaggan and voila! All that changed.

Turns out you don’t need to change everything you love and feel comfortable with, you just need some time with the right stylist to pick up some invaluable inside secrets and advise from someone in the KNOW and Selise is that person.

Seriously, if you’ve ever stood in front of a closet and felt like nothing worked, or been readying for an event only to feel your shoulders droop with every outfit you try that just DOESN’T work the way you want it to. If you’ve ever felt like you just don’t have what it takes to feel really, really good about what you wear, then Selise is the girl for you.

Everybody notices her unique style and they want to feel that same confidence. And when you have Selise as your stylist you can’t help but find your own inner well of ‘how to look fab without compromising your confidence or comfort’.

Selise isn’t simply a generic ‘someone’ to hire as a stylist, she IS style, it’s intrinsic, she encompasses the vibe. Selise not only knows how to get you on the fast train to style town but she’ll make you feel first class every step of the way and by the end of the day/shoot/event/wardrobe overhaul (you name it) you’ll have a whole new idea of how to make what you love, work for you.

And what’s more… you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

Lynika Cruz