About Me

Coming up in the world I’ve always admired people who’ve done a bit of everything and then taken what they’ve learned and melded it into something exceptional.

So I set about living that life myself.

To date my “Been There, Done That” list looks a little something like this:

  • Did my time in the retail industry, both in Australia and the US
  • Polished my skills as a professional gift wrapper
  • Desk jobbed it at kick ass music industry bodies Qmusic and AIR
  • Was promotions assistant at Indie label SugarRush Records
  • Ran a merch selling business with my bestie covering all manner of shows and internationally renowned festivals
  • Co-ordinated licensing over at Nightlife Music + Video
  • Told the world what I thought writing album and gig reviews
  • Worked as a stage manager and door b*tch
  • Look Ma! I wrote, styled co-directed and co-produced a film clip
  • Contributed to fish and chip wrapping with my time at The Courier Mail
  • Styled bands for their launches and gigs
  • Dressed corporate speakers for multi-day events
  • Wrote campaigns that bought in over a million bucks
  • Went to Beauty School and didn’t drop out (though I hummed the song almost every morning)
  • Documented what I wore every day for a year on this here blog www.loverssaintsandsailors.com, and never wore the same thing twice
  • Packed up my (imaginary) briefcase, said “damn the man!” and went out on my own as a freelance writer, sub-editor and copywriter for the likes of The Collective, Rolling Stone, Yen, and Jetstar, among others!

These days I’m writing for a variety of clients, styling a swathe of fabulous folk and keeping it real.