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To Market

August 29th, 2017 by Selise


The most wonderful thing has happened, friends. I’ve somehow started a gorgeous collection of vintage dresses.



I say somehow; I mean, I know how. By purchasing them from op-shops.  It wasn’t intentional, is what I meant. But it sure is wonderful!



This is Jennifer (you’ve met Sigourney). I wore her on the weekend to see an incredible pair of writers speak as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival.



It was a sunny Saturday morning and paired with my Converse and handmade, bold print bag (not pictured but really freaking cool) I felt like I was on my way to 4ZZZ Market Day back in 1997. I remember wearing a white slip, no doubt layered over another. Maybe even with a babydoll tee, which, you know what? Would totally be vintage now.

(P.S. For anyone playing along on the other side of the world, I know it doesn’t look like it but it’s actually winter right now.)

Dress: thrifted
Slip: Was Mum’s
Shoes: Were Mum’s

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  1. Dr Lynika says:

    What a ripper of a post! Love the photographs too and thanks for introducing us to Jennifer. She and you look striking and right at home among the garden greens. Reds and blues and greens and whites and a Monroe flash breeze to complete the whole star quality kit and Kabiodle! Loving your blog as much as ever! Can’t wait to see who else joins your wondrous vintage dress clan.

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