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June 2nd, 2017 by Selise

When I was 16 or 17, like most teenage girls, I did a modelling course.


I remember staring soulfully into the camera, my gel-wet, tousled hair hanging long over my shoulders for my head shot; learning to walk as though on two train tracks down the runway, instead of tightrope like — one foot in front of the other — as I imagined. And then appearing in a Melbourne Cup fashion parade.


It was for Cue and I’ll never forget the orange go-go style dress with a giant zip up the front that they chose for me.


It was… well I thought it was the most awful thing they could have picked. Is tangerine really the best choice for a red head? I wasn’t convinced.


Anyway, that was my last brush with being a clothes horse, until Tobi shot me an email. ‘Would I be interested in wearing some of their clothes on my blog? I could choose anything I liked.’ Why, yes. Yes I would be interested, Tobi. Thanks.


This is all much more me. A heavy, plaid jacket; white poplin button up; and perhaps, in some subconscious tie to the go-go dress, I chose this badass high neck shift.


And then I got to stare soulfully at The Man as he snapped shots in front of our garage door. Oh yeah, we location scouted and everything. (Other contenders included the shed out the back and an exposed brick wall under the house.)

P.S Tobi has free shipping (at no minimum) on all orders to Australia. Free shipping is my favourite price for shipping!

Headscarf: Gift
Wonderland Button-Up Eyelet Top: Tobi
Belt: Dangerfield
Jeans: Myer
Tights: Myer
Boots: Thrifted
Play For Keeps Plaid Coat: Tobi
Mikaeila Poplin Shift Dress: Tobi

2 Responses

  1. Dr Lynika says:

    Ah man, you rock everything! Love these shots and the back stories too. You’ve smashed it in that Orange Cue dress and cut a striking visual and role in a bright yellow suit for an epic Eisteddfod. Redheads have a fine mentor and role model in you along with everyone else. You and your blog are so liberating! I am going to pop right over to Toby now to check out their stuff, thanks for the heads up, smokin showcase photos and links!

    • Selise says:

      Thanks Dr Lynika! I reckon you might find more than a few things to pop in your basket over there 🙂

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