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The hot hot heat

April 6th, 2017 by Selise


It’s finally, finally starting to feel like autumn. The weather turned cool at the beginning of the week, only, what, a month into the season?



But when these snaps were shot last month, it was straight up hotter than hot.



Note the crackly, dry grass. The fine, dusty dirt. The slick marriage of sweat and sunscreen on the skin.



On a bright, stifling Saturday morning, The Man and I ventured out to Eatons Hill to watch the Dogs v Lions in the brand new AFLW comp and it was — as expected — excellent!



We cheered, we sweated, we ate 50c Zooper Doopers and tried to seek shelter in the shade of scribbly gum and paperbark trees. That makes the heat sound romantic, doesn’t it? I’m just happy it’s done for the next six months.

Hat: Uniqlo
Sunglasses: David Jones
Top: Portmans
Bag: Gift
Skirt: Trade Secret
Shoes: Myer



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  1. Dr Lynika says:

    Love all this, these photos are kapow!

    Your lyrical words mix with them to so accurately depict QLD summers (which are greedy bastards taking up chunks of Spring and Autumn!)

    You have indeed miraculously made it sound romantic but I’m with you, the heat waves can retreat for at least 6 months. Bring on the crisp, fresh fall!

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