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Casual Carmen Miranda

February 27th, 2017 by Selise


This is one of my all-time favourite T-shirts. Ever. Though I guess I didn’t really need to say ever because ‘all-time’ probably encompasses that. But whatever. It’s great.



And I’m — well I wanted to say I was surprised it hasn’t already featured on here because I got it, what, three years ago now? But then I remembered I don’t post here every day any more so, you know, I guess it’s not that shocking. You probably don’t need to stop the presses or anything.



I found it in a 300 yen store when we were in Japan during the cherry blossom season back in 2014. It’s just that perfect shade of olive/army green. And it’s comfy. And the length. Look, regardless of how long it took, I’m just glad it’s had its moment in the sun/internet now.



Oh, and I have fruit on my head and wrist. So, Carmen Miranda. In torn jeans.

Headscarf: I made it!
Shirt: 300 yen store in Japan
Belt: Myer
Bracelet: Gift
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Big W

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  1. Dr Lynika says:

    Those shoes, that hair, torn jeans, handmade watermelons and an olive fave shirt! Oh my gosh, I love this combo along with the (day of the dead?) bracelet and casual slung belt.

    So glad a fave got to feature. Hands down love your blog!

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