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Your luck, my pants

October 11th, 2016 by Selise




I’m really feeling the patterned pants vibe lately. Have I talked about that on here? Probably not. I haven’t talked about anything on here in a while.




These particular pants are from what I call the ‘old lady section’ in David Jones. It’s not really old lady. But it’s definitely not the hip young juniors section either. Patterned pants and terrible/excellent sweaters. You want that stuff, you hit the old lady section.




I want that stuff. Which is why I bought another pair of pants from there on the weekend. They’re hounds-tooth. Maybe if you’re lucky, and I’m so inclined, you’ll see them on here one day. That sounds kind of snarky, doesn’t it? Like if you play your cards right, I’ll post a picture of my hounds-tooth pants on the internet. Like that’s what you’d want to use your luck on. My pants. Eesh.

Headscarf: I made it
Sunglasses: David Jones
Shirt: Thrifted
Pants: David Jones
Shoes: Japan


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  1. Dr Lynika says:

    Awesome shots and these pants look awesome on you. Love the mixed patterns in the ensemble too.

    Rummaging in the less than usual or common areas of a store is so underrated. I remember finding the best oversized mustard sweater on one such occasion AND it was on sale. That was some kind of crazy luck that day…

    Great to see a new blog up with such rad trou!

    P.S I rolled double 6’s looking forward to some Houndstooth pantaloon bloggin when you get the chance to pants!

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