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On the fringe: a documentary

May 24th, 2016 by Selise




Oh hey, did you guys know I have a fringe now? Cuz I do. Have a fringe. Now.




I’m not sure I’ve posted about it here. It’s well documented over on Instagram. Maybe not “well” documented. How documented is “well” documented? It’s adequately documented? I dunno. My point is, you’d know about it, if you followed me on Instagram.




Which reminds me. I like to dig into this here treasure chest of a personal style blog to pull out some pearlers for #flashbackfriday (the only hash tag I indulge in) and I’ve been thinking it’s kind of weird/sad I don’t have the level of — here’s that word again — documentation from the last few years. It’s not the same on Instagram. But I can’t see myself making a return to posting a new outfit on here everyday. So I guess I’ll just — oh geez — document my observation here.




Okay, that’s enough.

Sunglasses: David Jones
Top: Kmart
Badge: A little boutique in Ipswich, ages and ages a go
Bag: Gift
Belt: Myer
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Myer



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  1. Dr Lynika says:

    I love whenever there’s documentation s of your ensembles, ‘Bangs’ Fringes and updates. Maybe there could be a weekly or monthly collage post of outfits from that week/month? That’d be real cool!

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