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What a week!

April 11th, 2016 by Selise


This is something I posted on Instagram this morning but it is too big a moment not to include here on my blog.


Well. What a week! Published in Rolling Stone and awarded my blue belt in BJJ.

I have to say, the common thread between the two (aside from the obvious word “rolling”) is definitely perseverance.

From the day I emailed the editor to the day my work was published in Rolling Stone was a little over a year. I could have easily given up very early on but instead I followed up and followed up and followed up and it paid off.

I can’t seem to nail down an exact date in early April but from the day I took my very first BJJ class to when I was awarded my blue belt on Saturday is pretty much three years to the day. I am 100% in love with the art but I’ve been injured so much that on the times I couldn’t roll, I could have easily given up and stayed home. But instead I showed up to classes. I watched techniques. I did everything I was allowed to do and some I wasn’t. Night after night after night I showed up and it paid off.

So listen. If something’s really important to you, go after it. Keep going after it. Show up. Show up again. And don’t let go.

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  1. erica says:

    You ROCK, woman!
    Congrats on being awesome.

  2. Dr Lynika says:

    You are amazing! What impressive, hefty achievements, both of them! You’re a total inspiration, a lot of grit in going after these goals and proving time and time again that you are no talker, you go out there and you nail what you’re aiming for. Super proud, super stoked and beyond happy for you. Well deserved! x

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