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Them shiny, shiny shoes

March 30th, 2016 by Selise




I’ve gotta admit. I feel bad for you guys.




If you’ve got 99 problems, there’s a good chance one of them is not being able to see how shiny my shoes are.




Because they are REAL shiny. Like, real.




Not sure where the JAY-Z inspo came from there. I’m glad it popped by though because it reminded me of a recent late night bar conversation with pals where the misheard question of, ‘what’s your favourite rap lyric?’ became, ‘what’s your favourite raptor?’ Absolutely excellent times, of course.




This outfit (I dig it) kick started a spate of headscarf wearing, which you’ll be able to behold in upcoming posts.




But back to the shoes. They’re real, real shiny. I feel I can confidently say they’re the shiniest shoes I’ve ever owned.




I’m gonna go gaze at my reflection in them while free-styling raptor raps.

Headscarf: gift
Sunglasses: David Jones
Necklace: gift
Top: H&M
Singlet: SES Fashions
Pants: Myer
Shiny, shiny shoes: Myer

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