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Well Hallow

November 13th, 2015 by Selise

IMG_20151101_151709 Resized


You guys.






I may never, ever take this veil off. Ever.




The Man and I attended a supremely excellent Halloween wedding this year and the theme was ‘haunted mansion.’ So we hit the op-shops where I found this gown for $9. (Originally I was hoping for something a little more gaudy, a la 80s bridesmaid but in the end I was stoked with the direction this took the overall outfit.) Then to Spotlight for material to make said veil and the faux fur stole, which, ugh, just turned out amazing.




I have to give super-sized props to The Man for his help making the stole. Not sure if you can see it but there’s a gorgeous silver satin type material lining the inside. If we’d done it the way I initially thought, it would have been a pile of sticky fluff and angry tears. But the man’s patience and resourcefulness saved the day. So, thanks, heaps.




I hit up Kevyn Aucoin’s Face Forward (that’s not an affiliate link, just a heads up on a really, really great book) for a little make up inspiration and went with his Winona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor look. Which, again, now I want to rock every day. I guess the take away from this is my head wants vintage glamour at all times. Oh, and I also did The Man’s make up too. His brief was, “Blue eye shadow. Kinda Noel Fielding.”




The natural lighting at the venue was out of this world. I had absolutely no shame in standing outside the bathrooms snapping selfie after selfie. The lighting at home wasn’t quite so schmick and that bookshelf still isn’t entirely unpacked but hey, that’s not the point. The point is, yay Halloween wedding! Congrats Ben and Cara! Thanks for making me cry, and thanks Kevyn Aucoin for somehow ensuring my make up didn’t smear as I sniffled and used my fingers for tissues because I left my handkerchief in my bag in the hall.

Veil: Made it myself
Necklace: Gift
Dress: Op Shop
Stole: Made it ourselves
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

The Man’s sweet-ass safari suit: Op Shop

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  1. Cara says:

    You look phenomenal and I’m so happy you guys could come! <3

  2. erica says:

    Ugh, how gorgeous are you? You look incredible, woman! And so damn crafty. Too much awesome to handle. Hugs Hugs… I swear a letter will be coming.

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