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September 25th, 2015 by Selise



I got the weekly Collective Hub email yesterday afternoon and the second featured article in there was one I wrote. And it made me think… those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (@loverssaintsandsailors) might not know, that cover story up there? Yeah, it’s mine.

Pretty freaking rad, huh? I actually have six articles in this issue and I subbed (sorry, industry lingo for sub-edited) a bunch more.

I guess I don’t mention it much on here (I think the first time might have also been the last time and AAAAAAGH! I just looked and it was exactly, EXACTLY two years ago. TO THE DAY!!) but this is what I’m doing. Writing. Writing. Writing. My name has been appearing on one masthead or another pretty much every month for two years now. Which, just, you know…




The issue is out for a couple more weeks if you want to grab a copy (and you know you want to grab a copy). It’s available all around the world, which is, of course, super neat.

You can also read a bunch of my articles online. For some weird reason you can’t sort by writer and see them all at once but you can have a bit of a look around and spot them. Here are a few to get you started:

Of course you can always check out the writer page on this here blog (it links to my portfolio with some more examples).

And if you’re super keen, shoot me your email address and I can send you PDFs of a good swathe of the articles I’ve had published.

I update Instagram a whole lot more than my blog (I’m rather partial to a good #flashbackfriday) so go and give that a follow to keep way, way in the loop.

Aaaaaand I think that’s it.

Okay guys, you’ve got the info. You know what to do.

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