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All tied up

September 21st, 2015 by Selise




You know, I have a few blogs bookmarked and I check them every day or so to see if they’ve been updated. Most of the time they haven’t and I find myself getting annoyed, thinking, ‘Gosh, what can they be doing that makes them neglect updating their blog?’




And only (shockingly) recently have I twigged to what a massive hypocrite that makes me because, uh, Selise? Yeah, you have a blog. Remember? And you haven’t updated it in a good while.




And I mean, of course it’s not because I’ve actively decided not to post. The truth is, I’ve actually forgotten about it for long periods of time, which seems so weird when I think about it.




It’s just all life stuff, you know? But ugh, there’s this bizarre pressure (internal and external) to keep updating. Stay relevant. You wanna stay visible.




I was talking to a friend over drinks on the weekend about how there’s this whole crummy feeling of unless you document what you’re doing, it’s not actually happening. Which is L-A-M-E.




And also has nothing to do with the dress and cardigan and docs I wore. Oh but actually, no, maybe it does. Because this is what I was wearing when we talked about it. So, there you go. This has all tied up nicely for you.

Cardigan: Princess Highway
Dress: Laura Ashley
Watch: Myer
Docs: Gift

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  1. MagathaMay says:

    Your hair looks so great in that style… love it

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