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Cold and dark

July 20th, 2015 by Selise




Oh wow. It was really, really cold on Friday.




Honest. It actually snowed in Queensland for the first time in 31 years. Snowed.




I mean, not in Brisbane. That would have been rad. Instead we got bitterly cold wind and plenty of it.




I’m not complaining. Remember? Love the cold, hate the heat. It did mean we had to hold off on taking blog pictures until early evening though, lest all shots be of me with hair standing straight up and scarves (yes, I wore two) going every which way.




I liked my scarves. And my tights and my shoes and my dress and my jackets (yes, I wore two). To be honest, I could have chucked a few more layers on. Rocked the Michelin Man chic. Don’t think it’s not a thing.

Scarves: Vivienne Westwood (gift) and Myer, I think
Denim jacket: Was Mum’s
Hoodie: Jay Jays
Dress: Leona Edmiston, Myer
Slip: Myer
Tights: Japan
Shoes: Children of the Revolution

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