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On the books

June 16th, 2015 by Selise




It was the Lifeline Bookfest recently and on a whim, the man and I decided to go.




“On a whim” makes it sound like we thought, “eh, this might be fun, why not” when in reality I knew it would be fun (at least for me) and really, really wanted to go but had entirely forgotten it was on until a friend mentioned it in passing when they stopped in for a morning coffee. Thanks Donnie!




You guys, I am all. about. the books. Seriously. I bought 38! And that was after only making it through about a tenth of the $1 section before feeling overwhelmed, stirring up an all too freshly healed knee injury and limping to the car.




Know what we think did it? Wearing my beloved Docs and slouching from leg to leg while carrying approximately a thousand kilos (note: not an accurate figure) of books.




But I regret nothing!! Actually I totally regret re-injuring my knee because it hurt a lot. A LOT. At least I had a good selection of books to chew through (with my eyes – ew) while I iced and elevated.

Headscarf: Japan
Sweater: Ummm… SES Fashions maybe?
Skirt: I made it out of a pair of stretchy acid wash jeans
Tights: David Jones
Docs: Gift

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