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June 9th, 2015 by Selise




Oh man, last week was awesome. I was asked to give a talk to high school students on freelance writing being a viable career option, as part of a panel on non-traditional career paths. That sorta sounds lame… but I promise, it wasn’t. There were tattoos, triple denim, winged eyeliner, pattern mixing (that was me. Though you can’t see it in these pics, these tights are blue with red spots.) and nary a suit to be seen.




Fun fact: I really dig public speaking! Plus I got to talk about things near and dear to me. I got to share how I arrived here (spoiler: it was not a straight forward path), the ups and downs of freelancing (there are many) and some tips on staying motivated (it’s pretty easy. No do work = no get money. Do work = get money. Yay!).




Then we broke off into groups based on whose vocation you were interested in and of course my little gang was the BEST. Shout out to Stacey, Jenna (Bat Girl), Shakira, Tiffany, Domonique, Eryn, Cassie, Dannielle, Paige and Mrs Ryan. Look! Here’s a picture of a banana:




There was a lot of curiosity and questions around my being a blogger which was interesting to me because I guess I don’t really see myself as a blogger so much. And especially less these days. But I suppose the very fact I’m posting this on the blog I’ve maintained since January 2010 makes me a blogger so… touché. And it was this blog that led to me becoming a freelance writer, so it’s good to be reminded of that.




I told the story of how I started my personal style (not fashion, there’s a difference) blog after seeing 12 year old Tavi Gevinson in action (though she’s actually 14 in that post…). (Side note: Girls, this is the website, Rookie, I said to check out.) And how, for the first year, I posted every weekday and never wore the same outfit twice. Come to think of it, I’ve never posted the same outfit twice on here…




Someone asked how I could afford to do that (brilliant question!) and I answered I shopped sales and also used things I already owned in every conceivable manner and combination. Backwards, upside down, as a skirt, layered under, over, in between. One of my favourite ways to discover new, unexpected combinations is when I’m bringing washing in off the line and then dump it all on the bed before putting it away. Seeing things jumbled next to each other often sparks a rad pairing I never would have considered otherwise.




I could go on forever about what we talked about — and I could have talked forever with the girls, they were amazing (note, there were boys too, just not in my group) and I totally felt immediately protective and proud of them. If any of my little gang are reading, please feel free to shoot me an email, I’d love to keep in touch. And if anyone else would like me to talk about stuff, well you should shoot me an email too.

Headscarf: I made it
Cardigan: David Jones
Shirt (not seen): Target
Skirt: Dangerfield
Tights: Myer
Bag: Myer
Shoes: Children of the Revolution


6 Responses

  1. Van Helen II says:

    Onya Selise! Thanks for coming out! And thanks for the thankyou card. And the birthday card. And the letter I got in December last year that I have actually written a reply to but never sent because getting to the post office is hard. But it’s all on the to-do list and rapidly gaining priority!

    • Selise says:

      You’re so welcome! Thanks again for having me out.

      Long live my letter writing compulsions! I look forward to your post office trip making it to the top of your list but I know it’s up against some pretty stiff competition…

  2. Shakira Besgrove says:

    Thank you for coming out to our school and giving up your day to speak to us. The time that we spent with you was amazing. I am grateful that we got to pick your brain. The information you gave us was very insightful and useful. Although the time was short and sweet everyone in our group had an incredible.
    Much appreciated 🙂

    We are pretty much internet famous now xo

    • Selise says:

      You’re so welcome, Shakira. I truly had a blast chatting with you fine ladies!

      Yep, internet famous and destined for great things. Don’t forget to let me know when you each start your own kick ass blogs!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Oh man, speaking to you was heaps of fun!

    Going into exams this week, I remember you mentioning working in 33 minute blocks. It helped a crap load. I got so much done yesterday.

    It was a blast, Thank you 🙂

    • Selise says:

      Oh I’m so glad, Tiffany! It was just as much fun for me 🙂

      See! Told you it was a guaranteed magic motivator! That’s rad to hear. Keep kicking butt!

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