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So… I’m a Panda?

February 25th, 2013 by Selise



Okay so I think I’ve figured out a way to explain what’s been going on with the ol’ blog lately.




You see, the way I see it, it’s like writing about the daily life of this one kind of panda.




But then the panda becomes extinct and you can’t really write about its daily life anymore because, well it’s extinct. It doesn’t have one to write about. So you stop writing about the daily life of this now extinct panda.




You miss writing. A lot. But your blog was about this one kind of panda and now that panda doesn’t exist any more and it doesn’t feel right to write anything that isn’t about the daily life of this one kind of panda on a blog about the daily life of this one kind of panda. You know?




So you don’t write anything.




And then one day a little way down the track you get word that they’ve actually managed to save some of the DNA and they’re gonna be able to recreate that one panda. You’re super excited! So ahead of this one kind of panda being recreated, you figure you should fix the blog up a little. Fluff up the pillows, put new bamboo in there and stuff.



And that’s pretty much where we’re at now. Make sense? Yeah, I thought so.

Sunglasses: David Jones
Top: Chicabootie
Skirt: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Chemist

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  1. Best analogy ever. 😉 It really does make sense, though. And I think whatever you write about will be interesting! Awesome winged skeleton, btw!

  2. […] it’s been an exciting few months at the ol’ panda incubator. And the overwhelming feedback I’ve gotten from y’all is to in fact, yes, quit beating […]

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