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Survey Says…

January 24th, 2012 by Selise
Because nothing says “New Year’s” like sparklers! (Even though this was taken Christmas Night…)

Man, what was that TV game show? “Survey says...” Ah, Family Feud. Thanks Google.

So anyway, the pretty dang fantastic Flow Disruption tagged me in her New Year’s Survey post the other day. If you’re not familiar with Brittney, get yourself on over to her blog and prepare for some seriously killer print mixing of the super exotic kind.

 And now back to me and the stuff I have to say. Yay!


3 New Year’s Resolutions

See the thing is, I didn’t make any. Because to be honest, I’d rather change things and learn things and see things and do things (and apparently talk a little like Dr Seuss) throughout the year – rather than pin all my ambitions together at the start of the year.

But fear not! Here are 3 things I’m keen to do in the next 365 (or so) days:

ONE: Burrow myself deep into the blogging community 
Ew, now I sound like a tick. Nah, it’s nowhere near as freaky as that. Just get stuck back into blogging and all it’s glory. I never stopped posting but now I’ve got a good schedule of Monday and Wednesday posts and commenting on and exploring new blogs every day.

TWO: Write more about the stuff I love 
Writing is my job and I’m grateful of that every single day. When I get to write about personal style and beer and cooking and other things I love? I’m one happy chappy!

THREE: Treat myself. A lot! 
I like this one. I like all of them. But this one means I get to do things like treat myself to a manicure or buy those cute pyjama shorts I like but always walk past. When you’ve got the means…why deprive yourself?

3 Random Facts About Yourself

Let’s see here…OK:

First: I was trampled by 3 camels when I was 9
I broke my humerus bone and tore all the ligaments and tendons off my neck and shoulders. Yeah, not fun. I’m still wary of those guys.

Second: I have a mole in my right eye 
It looks like a third pupil. When I was in 5th grade I used to tell the boys it gave me x-ray vision.

Third: I’ve lived in over a hundred houses
It was up over 90 by the time I was 17. It’s slowed down now. I went to 13 schools and have lived in 3 countries: Australia, New Zealand, and America.

3 Style Obsessions

1: I’m a grunge baby. So you give me a pair of torn jeans, a flannelette shirt, a floral dress, and a pair of docs…and I’ll wear them until they fall apart.

2: I really should have spaced them out to be one obsession each. OK, number 2, number 2… this is hard! What do you guys think my style obsessions are? Alright Selise, pull it together. I’ve got one! Plaid! And checkers and gingham and anything else that print can be called. Love it.

3: We’re on the home stretch. You know what? Undergarments. I’m a huge fan of slips. I wear them a whole lot. Beautiful camisoles and slips always make me feel a bit special. I browse the racks of expensive silk, rubbing it between my fingers in awe. Maybe I should combine New Year’s Resolution #3 with Style Obsession #3 and finally splurge on some! 

TAG! The Next 3…

Alrighty I’m gonna go ahead and tag:

Can’t wait to see what you write, ladies!

19 Responses

  1. Ebony says:

    Totally with you on the community-involvement and the treating oneself. Yay for fun little goals rather than 'lose weight' and 'find love'. BLEH. And you ma'am are the grunge queen! ๐Ÿ™‚

    90 houses. Hence the gypsy status huh? Hehe.
    I AM SO HAPPY you tagged me. How sad is that? Ah man I have missed this.

  2. Katrina says:

    Loving all your answers! A shame about the camels though. And I love the idea of combining resolution nr3 with style obsession nr3)


  3. Lynika says:

    Your posts are ALWAYS so interesting and surprising and enjoyable!

    It's like one of those books or magazines where everything is different from page to page and some things you turn sideways or upside down, with interesting little captions under photos and surprising little tidbits and humour scattered throughout.

    And no I haven't turned my laptop sideways or upside down to read your post nor stood on my head to look at the pictures, but your posts give the feeling of that grooviness WITHOUT having to pracrise gymnastics or move the page about from angle to angle.

    Also, you inspire me to write more, blog more, and look back and ponder the interesting things in my own life of which you know a lot..

    Now, camels, that was B A D news, especially seeing the infestation or Redback spiders was in the same chapter.. I won't say anymore because I'm sure they'll wade back from the past on their longish spider legs and into a post at some point.

    Coat hanger aerials all 'round!

    Tks for being awesome! xxxx

  4. Flow Disruption says:

    These are awesome! That camel story is crazy, though! It sounds traumatizing. I used to think living in 12 houses was a lot … not anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. skippysays says:

    Wow, lived in over 100 houses? That sounds like a nightmare to me- I freaking hate packing and moving! But at the same time- what amazing experiences you must have had traveling to much!!

  6. fashionistas stop says:

    100 houses..okay..that is HUGE!! everything is great about this post and the most i love is that to treat yourself.. <3

    following you..follow me back?

  7. Jenna Hughes says:

    i love random facts! thanks for sharing, good luck with your goals


  8. hautepinkpretty.com says:

    love your responses! esp treating yourself <3 xox

  9. Janiece says:

    I love your resolution… digging deep into the blogging community. I hope my comment hear helps you with that we lead to a mutual network. Wonderful blog that you have here!

  10. S says:

    Thanx for your tag, doll, i'm very happy of it! ;D
    Wow, sure you have an interesting life!!!
    You lived in almost 100 houses and in 3 different continents??!! that's so cool!
    And yeah,it's pretty clear that you are a grunge queen, girl!
    I love pretty undergarments too! ^^

  11. Sandra Leiva says:

    That's a very nice post, dear!
    Check out my new post! <3

  12. mojomade says:

    Cute post – great idea with the tagging thing too ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great Aus day – even with the shite weather!!

    Much love from Sydney!
    โค Morgan from MojoMade
    VISIT MojoMade & WIN jewelry ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph says:

    Woah, those things about yourself were so cool. Over 100 houses??? OMG! That's crazy. I've lived in three different places, aha. Def not that exciting.

    Also, being trampled my camels sounds horrid.

    Definitely do treat yourself though!!! I love giving myself a little present everyone once in a while.

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  16. yiqin; says:

    ah nice post xx

  17. Paula says:

    Great post, loved finding out all those quirky facts about you! Thank you for stopping by my blog dear, yours is fab! Iยดm following you now, do follow me if you like my blog too!



  18. The Poppy Creative says:

    The beautiful Eb directed me over to your blog, and goodness I am glad that she did. You are just the cutest, and your writing just makes me smile. So thank you for that. Now for a cup of tea me thinks. *chink*

  19. Style Servings says:

    Love this post! Great resolutions and also loving your fashion obsessions!


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