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See? See How It Could Have Been?

August 18th, 2011 by Selise

I braved my Docs again yesterday. I love them! I do! They just happen to give me monster blisters.

But I’ve conferred with fellow Doc owners and the general consensus is to “suck it up” for a month of blisters and bleeding (this never happened with my other pair) and you’ll be rewarded with happy days forever.

I can do this!

Besides, I want to wear them to an engagement party on Saturday (you best believe I’m rocking the floral dress and Doc Marten combo) and I figured I should do a little more breaking in before then.

So, remember how I said I’ve wanted Cherry Red Doc Martens for, like, my whole life? Well I decided yesterday to re-enact an outfit I would have worn in high school, if I’d had these wonderful shoes.

Totally cool, right? I know. I definitely would have wanted to hang out with me.

Now to re-enact one with torn jeans, flannel and a Kurt Cobain shirt.

Hmmm…perhaps the floral dress and Docs combo for the engagement party just got bumped…

Hair clip: Reject Shop
Cardigan: Cotton On
Dress: Retro Star
Boots: Gift
Bag: Amazon

8 Responses

  1. Kalyn Jessica says:

    cute pics! i am a fellow cardigan lover!

  2. Zarna says:

    that bag is SO cool!

  3. Madame G says:

    Docs are a bitch to break in. I swear that my ankles are actually permanently scarred from years of breaking them in.

    I would have totally hung out with you at school. We would have been two peas in a pod πŸ™‚

  4. Claire says:

    I'm all about the dress option, actually πŸ™‚ Looks great!

  5. Kat says:

    Excuse me but may I steal your backpack? That is the coolest backpack I have ever seen. I think I need one!

  6. chelseasgirl says:

    That back pack is DA BOMB.COM!!! Love love love! Great shape and super chic!



  7. Kyla says:

    I love these photos so much. Those Docs make me so nostalgic … I still have mine … navy blue … bought when I turned 16.

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