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Brotherly Love

August 29th, 2011 by Selise
This was his “pondering” pose.

This is my little brother. We got to hang out all day on Saturday. Epic win.

For my birthday back in April he said he’d take me to Eumundi Markets. I swear to god, he always gets me the absolute coolest presents and this time he decided to show me where he finds them (plus let me pick whatever I liked – hell yeah!). 

4 months later…and we finally both had a Saturday free (even though he worked the graveyard shift at the casino the night before and only got a couple (literally) of hours sleep).

Guys, I had the best time ever! I even won money on the pokies which never happens – I swear he’s a good luck charm.

After the markets we took an impromptu trip up to Montville. Driving in the crazy fog, singing along to old tunes and very nearly running out of petrol.

This was his Statue of Liberty pose

Thanks for a super fantastic birthday Shortman, I love you heaps!!

4 Responses

  1. Lynika says:

    Aww so cool that you call him shortman still even though he's 7 metres taller than you now lol

    So great that you guys were able to finally haul schedules together and make the trip!

    Thanks so much for sharing pics! Looks like a fricken kick-ass adventure complete with mist!!

    You're two of the COOLEST people I know. Love you both xxx

  2. Fátima Payán says:

    happy birthday to him

  3. Zarna says:

    aww looks like you guys had a great time 🙂

  4. Flow Disruption says:

    That sounds like an amazing birthday! Road trips and oldies on the radio are the absolute best. 😉 Your photos are gorgeous (as always). 😉

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