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May 23rd, 2011 by Selise
We took a whirlwind trip to Sydney on Friday (Catherine the next one is directed at you!) and shopped our butts off! I mean we wore our feet fair into the ground.
It was totally worth it though. And just SO much fun!
It was a trip we’ve wanted to take for ages. Down with empty bags (just carry on) and back the next day with them bulging. 
And would you believe they didn’t weigh our luggage there or back? Winning! Perhaps I should have bought more books…
We stayed near Hyde Park. I could have spent the entire trip just gazing at the trees. 
But there were things to be bought! So off we trundled.
I really lucked in, on pretty much everything. So stay tuned for much preening and posing.
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Jackets: Denim was Mums. Brown one, Jay Jays
Shirt: Myer
Singlet: Myer
Bangles: Sportsgirl & Lovisa
Skirt: Myer
Tights: Myer
Bag: Myer
Shoes: Chemist

7 Responses

  1. crayontree says:

    This is not Facebook but if it was I would click on 'like' a miiiiiiiiliiion times.



    "Feet of steel" 😉

  2. Magatha-May says:

    what did you buy????? A show and tell post maybe?

  3. Lydz xX says:

    yeay for the sydney visit, looks like a blast from the pics. what part of aus r u from 😉

    Lydz xX

  4. Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph says:

    Cute outfit! I love your denim jacket!

  5. SashaaaFierce says:

    Hi! I just saw your comment on Tavi's blog…
    You have a wonderful blog!
    CUTE JACKET! I am looking for a cool, old-ish jean jacket that I can customize myself.

    check mine out too: poshpoint0.blogspot.com

    xx sashafiercee

  6. Pia7 says:

    Ha ha! thought I could sense you nearby! I'll hold you to that promise.. or I'll fly to Brisbane for lunch in the West End.. or riverside.. or.. and I'll bring my camera.
    The autumn leaves of Sydney are just glorious! Love your photographs

  7. Pretty Things says:

    looks like you had a great time in Sydney – you should do a show and tell of things you bought. great photos



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