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Sunshine And

April 13th, 2011 by Selise

We went to see Reggie Watts last night. Oh man, I don’t even remember exactly what it was that made my cheeks burn from laughing so hard but I think we can safely say it was “everything” and leave it at that.

Only, actually, I won’t leave it at that. I’ll say this: Go and see him if you can! The dude is…he’s really good, OK? Just go.

You know what made it even better last night? It was seated! At The Tivoli! Yes, I am officially an old person and delight at the option of sitting down at a venue.

Crazy thing you know…I can still hear when I sit down! I know! The body never ceases to amaze… 

Bow: Cotton On
Earring: Lovisa
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Necklace: Assorted rings
Shirt: Cotton On
Dress: Tightrope

Boots: Thrifted

4 Responses

  1. Jazzy E (hivennn) says:

    cute boots! x hivennn

  2. kristen marie. says:

    i am totally in love with the way you styled your hair in this post. id die for curls. ugh.

  3. Zarna says:

    great photos!! i'm loving those thrifted boots!

  4. Prutha says:

    these pictures r sooo coool

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