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Sweet Sally-Ann

November 10th, 2010 by Selise
I feel a little country today. Not bumpkin, more…whatever isn’t bumpkin I guess. I’d say that I’d be at home in a field but you and I both know my reaction to fields

This dress is gorgeous. So light and soft. It was my reception dress after we were married so it makes me feel happy whenever I wear it too.

I made this necklace this morning and I’m rather pleased with it I must say. It’s pretty simple, a badge strung on a chain but it just works so well with the outfit. I have a feeling this won’t be the last that you see of it. I’m glad to have a use for the gold chain too. I rarely wear gold although there are often gold/copper accents with a lot of my brown leather belts.

I’m really wanting some wooden jewellery. Necklaces in particular. In my mind I want some long, brown, wooden beads. I have been looking for months but can’t seem to find anything. I know this story though. 6 months from now they’ll be everywhere.
Dress: Myer
Top: Jacqui E
Badge worn as necklace: Polka Dot Rabbit
Chain: ?
Belt: Myer
Shoes: City Beach

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