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Check Your Shoes at the Door

November 30th, 2010 by Selise

Phew, what a day. I’m beat. Do I look beat? Because I certainly feel it.

I am also slightly grumpy at certain neighbours decisions to play what can only be described as god awful music. Oh wow. They stopped right as I typed that. I have the power! Lucy, stop moving the football away from Charlie Brown! Did it work?

On another note I may just be in check heaven here. Those of you that know me, know I know no happiness like check mixing. It’s a mouthful sure, but oh so true. 

The only downfall, and I’m hesitant to even call it that, is that I couldn’t find any shoes to match. So I decided to go without. One can do that when one works from home. One cannot, however, when one has reservations at one’s favourite Mexican restaurant this evening.

Top: Target
Necklace: ?
Dress: Discount place that I get confused with Igedo
Belt: Myer

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  1. Axl Pose says:

    Love it! Those beautiful long skirts look great on you. If I weren't dwarf who already trips over her own feet I'd own several myself.

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