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Stand to Attention

October 11th, 2010 by Selise

Ooh I love me some khaki. I’m pretty stoked on this dress. I picked it up on Saturday when I put a few hours in at Chermside. Slowly but surely the spring closet grows.

And of course we are having decidedly non-spring weather. But I’m not complaining. I love the rain. Though it does make it mighty tough to get out of bed on a Monday morning.

Isn’t it funny that (most times) I’m ready to spring out of bed the minute I open my eyes on the weekend. There’s all that free time out there and it’s mine, all mine! But come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday all I wanna do is burrow down under the covers and while away the day.

Dress: Kmart
Singlet: Witchery
Badge: Markets
Belt: Cotton On
Boots: Myer

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  1. Ellinor Forje says:

    Stand ATTENTION! Nice outfit. Nice blog. Come visit mine when you have the chance. Cheers.

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