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Nothing There

September 16th, 2010 by Selise

Hmmm. This morning marked a second, consecutive clothing crisis. Not counting the crisis from last week. Something has to change. What that something is, is that I need to get more clothes in my closet. There is nothing in there and like the food you try to will into an empty refrigerator, there’s not going to be anything in there unless I go out and get it.

I’m going to a fashion/music/shopping event with Emma tonight. Perhaps the answer is there. If it’s not, hell, even if it is, I’m heading to the mall this weekend to stock up.

It’s weird. In winter I had so much that I was afraid to shop. I didn’t want to find something that I loved but ultimately, didn’t need. Now I need need need! Seriously guys, it’s bare in there. Nary a half empty mustard jar or cup of baking soda to be seen.

Top dress: Melrose Ave
Bottom dress: Myer
Necklaces: Gift & Von T
Belt: Target
Boots: Myer

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  1. Puck Litaay says:

    Your necklace is fab, yeah I know what you mean it's terrible when your closet is way too empty. ):


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