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Dot On

September 24th, 2010 by Selise

I was amused this morning when I realised that this new top from Dotti was also dotty, like my dress on Wednesday. Then the man pointed out that this was my 3rd day in a row wearing dots. Whaddya know? Looks like checks might have a new rival…

I’m happy with this singlet. I bought it expressly with the idea of tucking it in to a skirt that sat on my waist and I love that it worked just as I imagined.

As little as 2 years ago, if you had told me I’d be shopping with the intention of tucking my shirt in I would have snorted derisively and given you what The Man calls the “comb over” look. After some deep soul searching, somewhat like learning why I avoid suits, I’ve come to the conclusion that those 12 years of being told to tuck my shirt in as part of my uniform had a lasting effect. The rebel in me just didn’t wanna do it.

Oh the things we used to come up with not to tuck it in! There was the whole “tucking 2 fingers width of fabric in at the front and then letting the rest hang out”. The “madly tucking it in when a teacher came and then pulling it back out as soon as they’d walked away”. I was a big fan of the “folding under”. So it looked as though it was tucked in but it secretly wasn’t. Yeah, that’s just the way I rolled. Or folded…

Necklace: Gift
Cardigan: Witchery
Top: Dotti
Skirt: Gift
Belt: Myer
Bangle: Cotton On
Shoes: Rubi

5 Responses

  1. Ebony says:

    Lol at your non-tucking techniques in school! You rebel! Oh how I have missed you Selise 🙂 Love the bright pop of that watermelon cardi against your neutrals. I love spots on you so I'm glad you're obsessed with them too. I shall live through you vicariously until I own more spotty dotti things 😀

  2. jungleworldcitizen says:

    The whole outfit is nice 😉 but that necklace is AWESOME!
    Techniques to fool your teachers? Lol, as a teacher I'd reprimand you, but would be laughing on the inside on the creativity.
    Have a good Friday!


  3. stylefyles says:

    heh, heh, I like the tucked in shirt, though!

  4. Kimberellie says:

    LOL. Very cute outfit. I love that top. I never had to wear a uniform…but I used to be against the tuck in too! But then again I was a teenager in the nineties (the decade devoid of style). So that explains it for me!

    heart: Kimberellie

  5. Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph says:

    Such a cute tank top, and that necklace is incredible.

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