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Black, White & Red All Over

September 9th, 2010 by Selise
Another series in front of the bookshelf. This one’s for you Ebs!

In local news today, a clothing crisis struck Casa del Sailors this morning with no less than 3 outfits being discarded before the resident settled on a dress she “doesn’t really like”.

I guess this is what happens when you pack all of your winter clothes away but then don’t replace them with your spring clothes and are left with those few things that transcend seasons hanging in your wardrobe.

I swear I meant to do the whole swap over on the weekend but time/access just didn’t permit. And so I paid the price with an outfit that I’m not very happy with. Well, I’m happy with everything except the dress.

Is it just me, or is this book wishing me good luck for tomorrow…

In other news my hair actually went “alright” today for the first time in about a month. Just in time for it to be cut off. That’s right I have a date with destiny, I mean, an appointment for a hair cut tomorrow.

Necklaces: Gifts
Shirt: Myer
Dress: Was Mum’s
Belt: Kmart
Ring: Online
Shoes: Nova

4 Responses

  1. Ebony says:

    Yay! Bookcase pics! Seriously, I see some there that look like must reads. Might just wait till I make it over to your sunshine state and plonk myself in front of that case right there :p

    I like all that b&w with the red shoes. I've been so frumpy and bleh dressed lately. I'm just excited to clean out my closet and replace small mining town/bush clothes; denim shorts and tshirts with city slicker clothing 😀

    Good luck with your hair tomorrow! What were you thinking of doing with it?

  2. Ebony says:

    Oh and it's this dress backwards. Not very good pics for comparison, but as you can see it's a vneck – which looked awesome down my back. I love showing off my back 🙂 http://ebonyarwen.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-fair-lady.html

  3. Sarah says:

    Those shoes a precious. Seriously perfect. I'm all for the black and white and red all over.


  4. High Fashion Whore says:

    I'm liking the dress on top of the stripes, and the ring. Very punk/sailor. Your crazy curls are drool-worthy.


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