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Head Over Heels

August 27th, 2010 by Selise

Today is a good day. Good things are afoot my friends. Good things.

And I’m not just talking about my new shoes (do you see what I did there?) that I absolutely love to the power of infinity. But while we’re on the topic, let’s discuss them shall we? Aren’t they just the most gorgeous thing you’ve seen? Well I certainly think they are. They were my first proper purchase after my shopping ban. I got them last week. If you do the maths, that means I went an additional 2 weeks over the ban. It was strange, I just couldn’t bring myself to shop.

I saw these beauties earlier in the month and fell head over, well, heels with them. They’re much higher than anything that I’ve worn in years but the leather, the design, I just had to have them. I could see them taking me from these last days of winter, through spring, summer, autumn and then back around again. I could see me walking in them. I could see me owning them for years to come. I could also see the price tag on them.

So I took The Man with me one day for some outside perspective. I tried them on. I took them off. I tried them on again. One foot was a little tighter than the other (that’s OK, it will stretch, right?) and there were marks on them. This was a sign not to get them. So I gave them back to the sales lady and walked away. A week later I was still thinking of them. I decided to try them at another store. The first pair were marked too but not the second ones. And sure, the left foot was a little tight but it will stretch, right? So I bought them. I honestly don’t remember the last time I deliberated over a purchase for so long. I don’t want to say that I was an impulse shopper, but I was an impulse shopper. And I think that, if anything, is what has come from the shopping ban. I’m thinking things through. I’m conscious. I’m preferring quality to quantity.

I survived a month without buying anything new, what’s another week or two? And I have to tell you guys, it feels good.

Blazer: Kmart
Monacle: Gift
Dress: Myer
Belt: Myer
Watch: Lovers, Saints & Sailors
Shoes: David Jones

4 Responses

  1. Hat says:

    Those shoes are amazing! definitely a wise choice buying them! Also is that your balcony? looks lovely xxx

  2. Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph says:

    Awesome shoes. I love this outfit. I like how the sun makes the photos looks so pretty.

  3. Jacinta says:

    Those shoes are so great! Definitely ready for spring. I reckon if you are thinking about something a week later then you HAVE TO go back for them.


  4. Ebony says:

    Yaya for thought out and deliberated purchases. My most expensive shoes were the same for me. I don't get a chance to wear them in this dustbowl but next year they are gonna be my go-tos. Love yours 🙂 How much did they set you back love?

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