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Act Your Age

July 12th, 2010 by Selise

I went back to work today. I’m certainly not fighting fit (as was demonstrated by some colossal coughing fits that saw me seek solace in the bathroom) but I felt better comparatively. It’s funny because if I hadn’t been sick last week I would have felt that today’s sickness was enough to have the day off. Does that make sense? Have I mentioned that my brain is absolute chewed and re-chewed mush? Seriously, I’ve been giving people a good laugh with my mishearing and silly mistakes.

I spent yesterday creating Emma’s outfit for the Sea Shepherd Benefit Gig they’re playing the night before the launch. It was awesome to just sit on the verandah and catch up with friends while transforming T shirts. I definitely had the dumb and couldn’t hear a lot of what was going on to the right of me but it was still great fun.

I like today’s outfit. Being sick it just feels so right to dress sensibly like your Grandma always tells you to. I have a warm vest on underneath but most of all I liked that it didn’t look out of place to have a tissue tucked up my sleeve just in case.
Thanks for all of your support in my “no shopping” endeavour. I’ll post progress reports along the way. I’m feeling fine now but I made note of how I was feeling on Saturday:

I’ve noticed it a little this morning.  The Man has gone to get a hair cut. Normally I would go down with him and wander around the stores while he was getting groomed. I find it relaxing to stroll the aisles alone, formulating outfits in my mind. There is a satisfaction in discovering something that has been marked down.  I feel good about saving money. Even though by buying it I’ve spent money, that never really crosses my mind. The fact that I found it, marked down from $50.00 to $7.50 is the only thing I think of. I am smart. Good. Clever at shopping. This is a talent. Praise me on my cunning at finding such a bargain.
Obviously there is more attached to shopping than having new things.

Cardigan: SES Fashion
Top: Thrifted
Pearls: Klein’s
Skirt: Witchery
Socks: Myer
Shoes: City Beach

2 Responses

  1. Kimberellie says:

    I so love this outfit. And I ADORE those shoes.

    Also, I feel exactly the same way you do about shopping! I ADORE shopping. For me it is more of a hobby than anything! The thrill of the hunt, getting good deals, FUN! And I justify it thusly: I don't have any other hobbies that cost cash really. So, heck why not?

    But it is always fun to give it up for awhile. Gives one perspective! And it is more fun when one starts again!

  2. Mademoiselle Frou-Frou says:

    i guess it's Granny Chic! it does remind me to wear my pearls…i think they are a perfect accessory.
    xox alison

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