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All the Fun of the Fair

June 7th, 2010 by Selise

I feel a bit special today. These tights were a birthday gift from my wonderful friend Catherine. Catherine was my 12th grade English teacher and we’ve stayed in touch. Us red heads have to stick together! I remember first walking into her class. I believed I’d been put in the wrong one and boy did I let her know about it. Before too long though we realised that we were both super cool and I can honestly say she was a fantastic teacher and made a huge impact. Whenever I hear Tom Waits’ What’s He Building In There? or read Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved or see an Annie Proulx book (particularly The Shipping News) I think of her.

Someone gave Catherine these tights a few years ago and she’d never worn them because, let’s face it, Toulouse-Lautrec print tights are pretty hard to pull off. She passed them along to me because she believed I could work them. I hope I’ve lived up to her expectations! Oh, she gave me this gorgeous Art Deco broach too. Aren’t I the luckiest?

I purposely kept everything else quite simple today so the tights could take centre stage. There are some cool little details throughout though. For example, the ruffles on this dress are similar to the ruffle on my fantastic new shoes. My eye make up matches the orange and maroon in the tights. The bow in my hair also matches the orange of the tights and eye shadow. 

And overall, with these shoes, the tights and the blazer I kind of feel like a Ringmaster. Roll up! Roll up!

Blazer: Kmart
Broach: Gift
Dress: Target
Belt: Myer
Tights: Gift
Shoes: Tightrope

6 Responses

  1. Tati says:

    ohh lalala those tights are fabulous!
    love themm

  2. jess says:

    Those tights are the coolest.

  3. Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph says:

    Wow. I am so in love with those tights. they look amazing with an all black outfit.

  4. Kyla says:

    Those tights are amazing and you showcased them perfectly!

  5. Pia7 says:

    Fabulous!! You look wonderful as always.. you are an inspiration.. Daria would be impressed!! (those were the days of decent satire!) Thank you for your wonderfully kind and inspiring comments (especially after a very taxing day dealing with reluctant rude recalcitrents.. but not a red head amongst them..) My true love and I enjoyed revisitng Tom.. and I have bought more of Annie – she writes amazing short stories.. I will send you a list of must reads to compete with the fabulously crazy socks I found the other day which I thought would suit you.. now where was that.. I'll go searching again.. Catherine xo

  6. Lecon de vetement says:

    I WANT THOSE TIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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