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Sweet as Nails

May 26th, 2010 by Selise

We have an event on at work tonight. I’ll be staying back a few hours but it means I’ll get to leave a few hours early on Friday so I don’t mind. I wanted to look professional but still me. I think I pulled it off well.

This necklace has drawn a lot of attention today. I’m a bit in love with it. I saw it on sale in Diva for $5 but passed it up. Then I just kept dreaming up outfits to build around it for days so next chance I had I crossed my fingers and there it was! I’ve paired it with another newer necklace to toughen the whole thing up. Sure they’re pretty flowers but if you get close enough there are skulls nestled in there.

These are my second pair of polka dot stockings. The last ones from Target tore way too quickly. These ones are from Sportsgirl and feel a lot tougher. I honestly don’t ever want to take them off. Hygiene aside, I’m pretty sure I could happily sport them every day. They remind me of my Mum when she was younger and I like thinking of my Mum.

Overall I am head over heels with this whole outfit. This dress is the perfect LBD for me. And I’ve even taken the Westwood girls out for another spin. It’s one of those days where I’d be happy to bump into that bitchy girl I used to work with. Or that boy that turned me down in high school. Honey, you don’t know what you missed out on.

Dress: Myer
Necklaces: Diva
Stockings: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

7 Responses

  1. walrus says:


  2. jess says:

    I love your necklace.

  3. Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph says:

    This is my favourite outfit of yours. Everything is so perfect. And that necklace!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kimberellie says:

    :Or that boy that turned me down in high school. Honey, you don’t know what you missed out on."

    LOL. Love it when I feel like that! You have put it perfectly.

    AND YES YES YES to this dress. It is absolute perfection on you. And you have styled it PERFECTLY. I adore it. And I adore your necklace(s). WOW. And oh, I am so in love with your hair it is scandalous.

  5. Dee says:

    You look utterly fab! I can't believe that necklace was only $5, lucky you were able to get it! It's so cute with the dress & the polka dot tights.. yep, I love it all

  6. Kyla says:

    Killer look! That dress = total awesome on you. And the necklaces?! Perfect touch!

  7. KLVG says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! This outfit is fantastic!

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