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Going Grey

May 12th, 2010 by Selise

I originally had a grey long sleeved shirt with anchors all over it on this morning instead of this plain one. I also had black, knee high skull socks on instead of these grey “bird on a wire” ones. Neither of them worked though. I explain this because one of the girls at work questioned why I was wearing a pirate ship necklace with bird socks. Really I’m surprised she noticed. I guess I’ve set a standard.

I am slowly starting to return to normality but if we’re being honest – getting dressed this morning was a matter of adding and changing things until it looked alright. I wasn’t going for a theme or an idea like I usually do. I wasn’t even particularly worried about looking good. “Let’s just get dressed and get out of here” really.

I promise this apathy will be over soon. It’s actually nice and grey outside. There was a great, impromptu downpour at lunch today. It was fun to be caught in it. One of my good friends, T.S is from Canada and he loved the Australian heat when he worked here. He was particularly excited when it was 37 degrees. He loved the idea of it being the same temperature outside your body as in. Maybe that’s what I’ve done with my clothes. Matched the weather that is. I’m pretty sure I’m not grey inside. Though, I’ve never really looked.

Shirt: Trade Secret
Necklace: Gift
Vest: Target
Shawl: Cotton On
Belt: Kmart
Skirt: Was Mum’s
Socks: www.sockdreams.com
Boots: Myer

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