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More Wine?

April 6th, 2010 by Selise

Hiya gang! Welcome back. I hope you’re all feeling suitably relaxed and inspired. We had a fantastic holiday. I had planned to take daily pictures and do a bit of a round up here. I started strong but it all fell down on day 3 when we headed to the RSL to watch the AFL. Note to self, when you are trying to decide whether to take pictures before you go or when you get back, take them before you go. You will not take them when you get back. Or if you do, they will not be suitable to show anyone. Moving on.

We went to the AFL on Thursday night. Great fun. Even though it’s not that cold up here yet it just doesn’t feel right to go to a game without a scarf. This was the first outing of the latest in my skull scarf collection. Ain’t she pretty?

Friday was off to Robba’s birthday drinks after a nice day of laying about the house. This is an example of why you shouldn’t take pictures when you get home after an event like this but I think this one is passable. Maybe. The Man said I was dressed like an old lady which is actually exactly what I was going for so wins all round.

Saturday we were off to the Coast to visit Skellets & Thornie (hi!!!!). Great times all round. We got to eat too much chocolate and take a walk on the beach. It was windy as all get out but still really nice. I took the Easter/floral thing as far as my wardrobe would allow. Turns out that’s pretty far huh?

And Sunday is where it all falls down I’m afraid. I wore a hippie tunic and wide legged jeans if that helps.

Now back to today. I had something else planned last night but woke up in the early hours and realised I was missing a very vital part of the outfit so I went with an option that I’d put aside for later in the week.

This dress is proving to be quite versatile already. I feel respectable yet relaxed. The Man said that I look like Marcel the Waiter this morning. OK. I’ll pay that.

Apparently there used to be a bow tie day at work every month. It seems the task of bringing it back may fall on my shoulders. Though I think it would be hilarious to see various staff members sporting the ol’ BT as I like to call it, I am more than happy to fly this flag alone.

Shirt: Cotton On
Bow Tie: Junk Shop
Dress: Myer
Belt: Cue
Leggings: ?
Shoes: Chemist

Football Thursday:
Jacket: Hand me down
Shirt: Witchery
Scarf: Dotti
Jeans: Sportsgirl

Birthday Friday:
Hat:  Target
Dress: Myer
Belt: Valley Girl
Cardigan: Big W
Shoes: City Beach

Coast Saturday:
Dress: Valley Girl
Sash: Myer
Leggings: Valley Girl
Shoes: Target

3 Responses

  1. Magatha-May says:

    I love your skull scarf – I have a gray one and a black one but the white looks great.

  2. Kyla says:

    Holy crap – I'm dying over that green jacket with the skull scarf! *loves* I'm also a big fan of that dress and I love the playful way you've styled it 🙂

  3. myedit says:

    Way to get extra mileage out of a strapless dress by putting it over a button-up… And the bow-tie? super clever!

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