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As it Turns Out

April 13th, 2010 by Selise
While putting the clothes away last night (I’m a good wife) I stumbled upon a potential combination including this dress. As I’ve said before, I have rather a love/hate relationship with it. There’s something about it that makes it sit a little funny and I still don’t understand the holes in the middle. Anyway, originally I had this dress paired with my grey blazer but once I added the tights and boots the blazer looked funny. So I swapped it out for the cardigan and hey presto!
I was worried that I was going to be too warm once I got outside but as it turns out the weather has turned back to cool. Hallelujah. This may just have been the perfect combination today. The cardigan is super light but still provides warmth.
I chose my little yellow (mustard!) bird for a touch of colour. If you look really closely there is actually a faint olive stripe in the check of the dress and the I felt the mustard of the bird picked it  up nicely.
I have to tell you, it made me excited to be back in cardigans, tights and boots. It’s early days yet but it’s a taste of what’s to come.

Cardigan: Gift
Necklace: Gift
Dress: Myer
Belt: Target
Tights: ?
Boots: Myer

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  1. Magatha-May says:

    I love this outfit – your boots are fab

  2. OooKellyNicky says:

    Awesome necklace. Really cute.

    my blog: La Stylin Girraffe

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