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White Lie

March 9th, 2010 by Selise

This outfit is a little deceitful. Looking at it you’d think it’s a lot colder than it actually is. Particularly when the air conditioning is broken in your office. Rather than rubbing my hands together in attempt to warm myself as this look would imply, I actually had a mini desk fan blasting in my face at a rate that would put an 80’s rock star to shame.

But thinking that it was cold made me happy. And that can’t be bad. The weather forecast for the latter half of the week actually says “Squally Showers”. Squally Showers. What kind of weather description is that? I’ll admit I’m a bit of a weather nerd, I’ll tell other people to be quiet when they’re pointing at an imaginary map on the news in the hope that they’ll say “rain”. But in all my time of poring over the various high and low troughs this is the first “Squally” weather that I’ve come across.

Stumped at this description I did what any self respecting internet savvy girl would do: I dictionary.commed that sucker. And it turns out that big ol’ book (or website, however you look at it) has a sense of humour.

–adjective,-li•er, -li•est.
1. characterized by squalls.

Touché dictionary. Touché.

The Man explained it as an old sailor term and being a girl that loves anything old sailor, especially when it makes me think of those peak caps, heavy knit sweaters, stubble and eye patches… Well I just may take some inspiration from this. Stay tuned me hearties.

Sunglasses: Cotton On
Cardigan: Big W
Singlet: Myer
Belt: Thrifted
Cuff: Gosh I don’t know. I’ve had it forever.
Skirt: Target
Boots: Thrifted

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