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How Do You Like Your Eggs Hon’?

March 10th, 2010 by Selise

Hello. It’s hot out there. Bring on the “Squally” weather. Unless squally means hot, humid, burny and generally gross in which case, keep it, I’ve had my fill.

Had another meeting with the band last night. Everything is coming along swimmingly. Very exciting things which I will no doubt gush about upon completion. In the mean time I am bracing myself for a barrage of absolute flat outedness.

Because my past, present and future selves are all busy in music video land, none of them have had a chance to prepare any outfits. So I went with old faithful today.

I added this vintage pin as a point of interest. From a distance it looks like the type of name tag worn by the wait staff in a neat old diner. I thought it worked well to perpetuate the “worker” look that seems to go with this dress and head scarf. Though the head scarf has kind of gone more 80’s aerobics instructor than 50’s housewife today.

Scarf: Jay Jay’s
Dress: Sussan
Pin: Thrifted
Belt: ?
Shoes: Rubi

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