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Hello Sailor

March 19th, 2010 by Selise

Ok, where do I start? I got such a reaction to my outfit at work today that I actually had to write them all down. Here we go: 3 x Pippy Longstockings, 1 x Sailor, 1 x Cat in The Hat. My boss actually shielded her eyes when she saw me. Tremendous. I was going for a sailor look today, so congratulations Ms Panettone, you win.

I realised yesterday that I have worn black and white all week so today I decided to buck the trend. I bought this dress as part of my epic sale haul last weekend. I just love it. I can honestly say that I had decided to buy it whether it fit or not such is my love of all things sailor. And then it fit! Oh joy of joys.

It just begged to be paired with these socks. If you ask me, you can never have too many stripes going on. Throw some spots into the equation and you’re speaking my language.

Someone at work this morning questioned what time I wake up to get dressed like this and whether I choose my outfits the night before. The answer to those is that I don’t get up exceptionally early at all. Sometimes I plan an outfit the night before, sometimes I have a vague idea and literally pull things from hangers and drawers in the morning until I hit the sweet spot. Often I know as soon as I buy something what I want to do with it. For example when I bought this dress I immediately thought of 4 or 5 ways to wear it (one involves a denim jacket – come on winter! And if my boss thinks that the striped socks are a clash just wait until I break out the plaid tights).

Perhaps the best comment of today was learning that one of the guys at work actually delayed heading into an all day course until I got in this morning because he enjoys seeing what I wear every day. Thanks dude. I’ve broken the gender divide!

Scarf: Myer
Sunglasses: Myer
Shirt: Gift
Dress: Myer
Necklace: Gift
Slip: ?
Socks: Hand me down
Shoes: Chemist

3 Responses

  1. rachel says:

    Aw that's so sweet of that guy 🙂
    And the outfit rocks, I love sailor stuff as well, 🙂

  2. Tink in My Closet says:

    I just love red and blues together. The Nautical theme is a fave of mine!

  3. eye candy carousel says:

    This outfit is made of such awesome and win dude. I am loving your complete overuse of stripes here, and then the total switch to polka dots for the head scarf, woahh, left field!!

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