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Heavy Metal

March 16th, 2010 by Selise

Today’s outfit is something a little different to what I’m used to. I spent the day holed up in a room at the office putting together stuff for our work event on Thursday. I wanted something comfortable, casual, but still pulled together. 

These shorts and the cardi type top are both from my epic weekend score. I’ve worn high waisted shorts only once before with moderately disastrous results and it scared me off until I found these guys for $7.50 at Myer. For $7.50 I was prepared to give it another shot. Aren’t I charitable?

Anyway, I like it. I think. They’re comfortable and I feel like there is enough drape to it all that I don’t look like an upside down light bulb.

I added some metal to toughen the whole thing up. And with the amount of studs and spikes around at the moment it’s not hard to find inspiration. Even the belt went metal. I really think the bow really works to add a certain something to it all.

Before I go, I thought I’d share The Man’s thoughts on today’s ensemble with you.

The Man: You look like Batman
Me: What? Batman. Why?
The Man: I don’t know, you’re just Batman
Me: Sweetie, I don’t see any way that telling a girl she looks like Batman can be translated to a compliment.

I know, right?

Cardi: Myer
Necklace: Gift
Shirt: Was Mum’s
Shorts: Myer
Belt: Sportsgirl
Ring: Some website somewhere…
Bracelets: Macy*s
Shoes: Rubi

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  1. mariam says:

    i love your outfit choice, very cute, love teh bracelets also


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