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Double Time

February 19th, 2010 by Selise

Friday! And an early mark at work too! Today is a good day. We’ve got a big weekend planned and it all kicks off this afternoon so I thought I’d do something a little indulgent today and go denim on denim. I’ll change before we go out because the venue we’re heading to is known to be 3800 degrees in the middle of winter. But until then I am in Denim Land and loving it.

I, like any other self respecting lady used to hold fast to the denim on denim rules. Which essentially was the old adage “Double the denim, double the ladies” which I took to mean, unless you subscribe to a certain sub culture, just don’t do it.

Friends, that all went out the window when I met this awesome little number. I’d been searching for a chambray shirt a la Some Kind of Wonderful and this guy practically leapt out of the sale rack and into my arms. It was love. It’s been too warm to fully express my feelings by draping myself in it every day (and believe me, I would if I could) but now that it is (ever so slightly) getting cooler I have found myself in it’s arms once again.

The thought behind today’s ensemble was “Bruce Springsteen Fan”. This could also be “80’s Mid-American Girl” but the Bruce Springsteen one sounds cooler. Plus I watched a bunch of his clips a couple of weeks back and have a minor crush. Because I’m only human. Come on, it’s The Boss!

Shirt: Cotton On
Singlet: Target
Belt: Was Mum’s
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Ross (Man I miss that place!)

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