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Straight Out

January 11th, 2010 by Selise

Ok, first full week back at work. I pulled together 3 outfits last night. I usually have a vague idea of what I want to do and then refine it in the morning. But now that I’ve started taking pictures before work I need to be a little more economical with my time. I also need to fine tune the pictures themselves but we’ll get there together. I know people prefer pictures taken outside but there are a few factors preventing me from doing so:

a) We live in an apartment so the only outside is a balcony
b) It is summer in Queensland and baking hot from the early hours
c) My attire is often in a state of disarray by the time we get home in the afternoon so shots in the park after work are out of the question

I straightened my hair today for the first time since the new hair cut. I rarely straighten it (apart from the fringe when I’m sporting a pompadour/greaser fringe) because it messes with my personality. Plus I think it makes my face look super round. Anyway, I wanted to do plaits so all of the top layers would fall out (which they did) and I could rock a look that I never have before. I love my red curly hair but when I was younger I really wanted straight brown hair so I got to live part of that today.

Now back to the outfit. I love the theatrical, Gothic (period) feel of the skull & cross bone scarf tied in a pussies bow with the straight work attire. Someone commented that I looked very professional today and I liked that they thought that even with the print on the bow. I work in an office where my style is not the norm and it always pleases me when I earn a reaction from one of them. Especially when it is a look of utter confusion, which tends to happen.

Shirt: Cotton On
Scarf: I don’t remember
Dress: Myer
Belt: Cue
Shoes: Chemist

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