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January 9th, 2010 by Selise

Well, what a week! I’ve just had a flick through the diary and it doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon either. It’s all good. Any time spent with friends, seeing fantastic live music or generally faffing about is just fine with me.

Now to recap.

Byron was fantastic. The trip down was smooth until about 5ks out of town when we got stuck in traffic for a good 25 minutes. And on a Tuesday too, I couldn’t see the fuss.


Sophie’s lovely parents let us stay at their little hut and I instantly fell in love with this chair.



The show was great. They played Emily’s Heart as an encore and at the end Luis busted out the sweetest one-knee guitar solo. I died then and there. Seriously nowhere near enough guitar solos these days. We kicked on above the hotel until the wee hours,  walked the 3 k’s back to the hut, slept fitfully on the couch outside so as not to wake the folks then made the trip back home for the festival.

Now you should know that I am a grunge kid from way back. And I wanted nothing more than to rock the festival in a dress with a slip underneath and docs. I’ve been looking for ages to find the perfect frock and was pretty happy when I found this one at Chermside. It’s the perfect length to pair with a slip like I did for so many years in my teens.


(Can you tell I’m hungover and running on very little sleep?)

I really love this style. There are many dresses around at the moment that aren’t quite it and I know that the style that I want is just around the corner.


I am totally in love with these little hair pins too. So dainty and I just love the colours.

Another great performance by Jamie & the boys thanks to Sophie’s prowess.  We watched Seasick Steve, he’s really just so, so exceptionally great. Ran into heaps of people that we haven’t seen in a long time. Nothing like live music to bring people together.

Initially we took the Thursday off to recover from Wednesday but when we picked the tickets up and saw that they were for both days (Thanks Soph!) and I for one am not going to pass up the opportunity to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s for free so it was back at it on Thursday.


This dress is another that’s on the way to that perfect style. I bought it at the same time as these leggings. I love it when an outfit comes together as easily as this. I’m a big fan of mixing prints and the dark/light/floral thing just works so well. The paper trilby to finish it off and I’m ready to hit the hills again.

So that’s what I wore. This is one of the 3 outfits that Karen O wore:


Image courtesy of fasterlouder.com.au

I still can’t talk about the show. Phenomenal. Brilliant. Superb . Inspiring. Just…wow. Karen O. I mean. Just, wow.


This is the best picture of the bunch – I am that exhausted.

And then it was back to work for casual Friday. I pulled this together the night before and I’m glad I did because after a week of partying it up I certainly did not feel like getting up when I had to. I liked how this all came together, it was exactly how I felt, laid back and comfortable.

Today is my little Brother’s 25th birthday. I can hardly believe it. He’ll always be 12 to me. We’re off for dinner and drinks tonight and then back to ours to play video games. We sure do know how to party. Happy Birthday Shortman!

Not much I can say about this outfit that you can’t figure out for yourself. Sporting the Seasick Steve shirt that my lovely Husband bought me at the festival. He bought one for himself too and I’m just waiting for the day when we both come out of the bedroom dressed the same. Chances are he won’t be wearing a red spotted kerchief though so I think we’re pretty safe.

And that brings you up to speed.

Festival Day One:
Hair pins: Diva
Necklaces: Diva
Dress: Melrose Ave
Slip: Was Mum’s
Docs: Thrifted a hundred years ago

Festival Day Two:
Hat: Target
Dress: Valley Girl
Belt: Cue
Leggings: Valley Girl
Shoes: Rubi

Casual Friday:
Blazer: Cotton On
Necklace: Gift
Tank: Myer
Cutoffs: Customised from K-mart
Shoes: Gift

Brother’s Birthday:
Kerchief: Myer
Shirt: Sunset Sounds Festival
Belt & Buckle: Gifts
Cutoffs: Customised from K-mart

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