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January 28th, 2010 by Selise

The colours in this outfit make me feel all fresh and bright. Kind of Springy, though it’s definitely not Spring. It is very much Summer. It’s 33 degrees today and they’re predicting a storm this afternoon which just rocks my world. I love storms.

I’ve noticed boots and cardigans are back in the stores which makes me all shades of happy. As much as I was looking forward to sitting in the sunshine drinking frozen cokes in a sun dress it just didn’t happen so now I am spending my time day dreaming of layers and curries, snugging with The Man on the couch and other general winter delights.

Maybe that’s why I pulled this semi cardigan out of the closet. Or maybe because I wanted to pair some green with these blues. I’m a big fan of staring at my closet, moving hangers around randomly until some colour/pattern combination strikes me. It also works well when you dump all of the clean laundry on the bed and see what falls together. I guess that’s kind of an aleatoric style of dressing. I can dig it.

I love this necklace. The Man gave it to me a couple of weeks after we got together. The ring link has broken (hence the safety pin) and this isn’t the original chain but I always feel a little bit of extra love when I wear it.

Cardigan: Myer
Necklace: Gift
Singlet: Myer
Belt: Cotton On
Skirt: Target

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  1. Jon says:

    ummmm… please read last months comment – a couple of minutes ago in 'Jon time', regarding your necklace heh heh, I thought I was answering there about your necklace from here. In short though, I does loves it muchos! 🙂

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