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3 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

January 12th, 2010 by Selise
So after laying it on the line yesterday I thought I’d give the pictures outside a shot today. On the balcony and after work nonetheless. It was a little overcast this afternoon but I am happier with the result than the inside ones.
I was going for a Material Girl look today and I think I’ve got it judging by some of today’s comments. When The Man saw me this morning he said I looked like I could have come straight out of Desperately Seeking Susan. Yes! One girl at work said I reminded her of Cyndi Lauper and then realised that she meant Madonna. I’d happily take either of those. And one of the other girls said Pat Benetar from the Love is a Battlefield clip. “You know, the one with the hideous green slip dress and the lace gloves (the lace stockings reminded her of the gloves)?” I said I didn’t think the dress was hideous and that I would definitely take the Pat Benetar compliment.

All in all I’m well pleased.

I love the lace, pearls, ribbon, rosary and chains in this outfit. This is the first time I’ve worn this dress and provided the pleats make it out the other side of our washing machine it will definitely be featuring in future work ensembles. I’m really happy with the colour and there is nothing better than slipping on a dress and not having to fuss with layers in this heat. Don’t get me wrong, come the colder climates I’m all about the layer fussing but when you can break a sweat walking from the shower to the wardrobe the less touching me the better.

Since documenting my outfits I’ve realised that I wear this Cue belt a lot. I promise I wear others! This one is just the perfect work, waist belt. It came with a gorgeous cotton dress that my loving Husband accidentally threw in with the washing and as a result the top layer is now a good 3 inches shorter than the lining. *Sob*. And I only wore it twice. Oh well, I’ve still got the belt.

I feel so much better with my hair curly again. It really does have an effect on my personality. What about you? Do you find your hair/brain relationship a little too much like Hell Toupée in Treehouse of Horror IX?

Dress: Trade Secret
Locket: Mervyn’s
Rosary: Gift
Pearls: Klein’s (customised)
Belt: Cue
Leggings: Dotti
Shoes: Rubi

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